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Writing in a World of Similar

It is clear: blogs are a prominent piece from the year of old, but they still have a place in our society and culture. As I sit and write this post, I imagine all the lives that this post, along with future postings, will touch the lives of those that choose to interact. I feel burdened to describe this blog's purpose while also honored to have the creativity and assurances to write it finally.

This has been a dream imagined, reimagined, and imagined again as I confounded myself with thoughts of doubt and thoughts of whether readers would care about what I had to say. I have finally aligned and become one with myself and my consciousness and feel that it doesn't matter. In the grand scheme, all that matters is that I use my platform to inform, encourage, and educate the audience that God provides.

At times, I will speak about relationships: the awkward moments that love takes me through; I will discuss significant moments in pop culture that have ignited a discussion in the world; I will identify the generational boundaries that were placed on me and investigate how to break them so that others that are suffering can find an example of someone who made it over. There will be times where I speak about my faith - not to convict readers to become religious but to provide a realm of spiritual understanding to a spiritual world. 

I will also present my perspective on being a Black woman in America. Since this is all that I know, I will play with objectivity and subjectivity when necessary. Conversely, this is all really about me and the world I live in. This is a method for me to give readers a window into my soul.

Many people think the way I do, believe the way I do, and present information in a similar fashion; however, I present a difference that separates me from others. I really can't explain how - readers just have to stay tuned to see. 

I have grappled with the idea of using my voice in video or writing. Frankly, I enjoy writing so much that it became the most natural choice for me. Eventually, I can develop this platform into video, but we will start this journey through writing before we begin to project what the future has in store.

I look forward to moments of clarity with my readers. I pray we all find the things we are searching for in life. I hope for the times that life brings us together to have a good emotional outpour.

In everything that you do, do it with the best of you!

Always and forever,


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