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Titiana, our CEO, received her Masters in Rhetoric and Composition in 2017, which means that she knows the methods of persuasion to win people to your way of thinking, and she can write! With these skills and the tools that she has in her repertoire, she can use unconventional methods to get your brand the desired results. 


Also, there is no such thing as a no for our fearless leader. She will leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting your business a win. She is dedicated, intelligent, creative, and a masterful communicator that can speak to anyone. She is a leader who understands that the team is comprised of the efforts of some and none. There are some things some team members excel at that others don’t. The key for Titiana is to find out what each member excels at and then use that to promote the brand. If a member is on the wrong seat of the bus, it can affect the entire project, mission, goal, and profitability of the company. 


Titiana’s job is not to be the expert in the room. She recognizes that everyone has a voice, and she can use each voice to promote the business you have. The focus for Titiana is to get the appropriate voices in the right room and facilitate a discussion that will lead to better business dealings, and that discussion will also increase marketing efforts, business awareness, and promote awareness within the target community.


Furthermore, as an English professor, Titiana understands how to construct messages for specific audiences. Depending on the audience that your brand is trying to reach, the business has to speak that audience’s language and show them what’s in it for them. Without this, marketing and promotional efforts are rendered useless as the targeted audience is either missed or neglected.

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